Unlike portable pulling systems on the market
E-Z PULL is permanently attached to the trailer tandem.

About the E-Z Pull System

Check out downloadable videos and see for yourself how EASY the E-Z Pull System is...

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Problem: Pulling tandem pins can be a problem on nice days but on rainy, cold, hot, or snowy days it is very frustrating. Whether it is one or all four pins in a bind a driver can make numerous trips to their tractor to free up pins. Once the pins are free the problem may not be completely solved.

Other problems that may occur are:
A) Worn notch on pull rod will prohibit rod from holing pins in a pulled position.

B) Worn parts in pulling system may cause pins to be partially engaged, prohibiting sliding.

Solution: A one person tandem pin pulling system which permanently attaches to the tandem section of a trailer. Simple, heavy duty, zinc plated, safety intended, affordable, quick installation and IT WORKS! The design of the E-Z PULL system features a chain which when pulled and locked into the provided notch puts constant pressure on the pin pulling system thru the heavy duty spring of the E-Z PULL system. Now just rocking the trailer back and forth will pull pins for the purpose of sliding tandems.


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